Monday, May 20, 2013

Exclusive fishing....

…………available to anybody with a rod licence!

I am happy to report that things are finally picking up. The rather dour river of only a few weeks ago has been replaced by a rather more vibrant and verdant character. Flies are hatching and the trout have thrown off their torpor and are now actively feeding. In short the exact conditions that I spent the close season dreaming of.

Two short sessions this weekend, both on stretches I have not visited previously this season. Both are public access water. Friday evening was a case of getting into the river and seeing what was happening. Medium Olives and Sedges were hatching and the fish were responding with enthusiasm. The fish that were presenting themselves appeared to be actively patrolling the water and moving to intercept flies. But this was a buffet meal and they were availing themselves of whatever was available. To underlne this I had interest in all four of the patterns that I presented and was able to bring fish to hand on the CDC Emerger, the CDC & Elk and the Stripped Quill Dun (SQD). It was a fun session that was brought to an abrupt close when the temperature dropped and the fish simply turned off.

Sunday morning was quite a contrast. Again a variety of invertebrates were coming off the water but on this occasion fish were all high in the water and locked on to the Medium Olive. I worked this out when the CDC & Elk warranted no more interest than a couple of ‘boils’. On with the SQD and presented correctly then there was a sporting chance of success.

 Spotted the first couple of Mayfly this weekend as well so Duffers Fortnight is imminent.

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