Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This year...

Let’s look forwards and embrace the challenges to come, with a deferential nod to the year recently passed. With all this in mind I would love to achieve the following this year, however I fully anticipate that at least one of the following will make it onto next years edition,  

Complete outstanding rods

I like starting builds. I am not very good at finishing them. I could provide a raft of seemingly rational arguments why this is the case. All would be skirting the truth. The real reason is that I am a little bit scared of the process of applying the finish. I have had mixed results, from the acceptable to the disastrous. This year I need to grasp the nettle. Rod turner is en route and I am returning to Flex Cote Lite. It is the finish with which I have had the best results

Not buy any new rods or blanks

See above! I really don’t need them.

Get up to the Monnow

I am a little bit ashamed to realise that I have not been to these enchanted valleys since the fag end of the 2011 season. A fabulous day fishing up the length of the Lower Escley in that last visit provided many sustaining memories. I need more.

Fish the Grannom

I have tended to be a slow starter to the trout season, not putting in any concerted effort until the Hawthorns are in the air. I understand that I may have been denying myself some fabulous sport. Plonker

Cast less, fish more

I think this is the one that stands the greatest chance of being a repeat entry next year. I promise myself this each year. Frankly I struggle to contain my enthusiasm and I have developed the rather irritating habit on confusing casting with fishing. What nonsense. This year I will study to be quiet. I promise.

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