Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On (Not) Fishing

I am not fishing, not by design I hasten to add. I broke my collarbone, playing rugby, in early April and the subsequent operation that I have had to insert various ironwork means that I am in a sling until the end of the month; at the earliest. I am left handed, no prizes for guessing which collarbone I broke.  And then I will commence on physio, which threatens to be pretty much the most painful part of the process. And to top it all off there will be another operation before the end of this year to remove the ironwork.

So all in all how do I feel about this? Pretty crap really. It looks as though most of the season is going to be compromised by my recovery and rehabilitation. At this time my elbow has not been above chest height in six weeks and given that the human body works on a use it or lose it basis I am expecting very little movement in the short term and that casting will be painful. My favoured approach to fishing is immersive and intimate. Small streams basically, i.e. the type of fishing least accessible to those without a full range of movement. What am I missing the most? 

That word immersive is important. Ultimately fishing is the only activity I perform that takes me away from it all, to another place where all I am doing is interacting with a dynamic environment whilst wrestling with a continually changing range of inputs whilst trying to gull a wild creature. 

But I know that this is a temporary hiatus, patience is required, I will be back before too long. 

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